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Painting Line:
     Designing & Project Management are the key for providing a successful Paint Finishing System. Our Vision: No matter what kind of industry you are, we will provide a most cost-efficiency solution for increasing your competition.

Product Classify :

According to the Paint Type:
 Powder Coating Line (Electrostatic & Flow bed)
 Liquid Paint Line
 E-Coating Line
 Autophoretic coating line

According to workpiece transportation type:
 Overhead continuous conveyor
 Power & Free conveyor
 Floor conveyor (Skid type)
 Numerical Control Hoist
 CNC Crane

Pretreatment type:
 Dipping type
 Rinsing type
 Combining type (Both Rinsing & Dipping)
 Frame treatment (Remove static electricity)

According to Automatic type:
 Fully Automatic line
 Semi- Automatic Line

According to the industry type:
 Automotive & Parts
 3C products
 General Industry


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